Chatting with a friend recently… 

As we were solving all the world’s problems, we started to bat around the question “How much, is enough?”. 

Is satisfaction and contentment always “just around the next corner”? What is it we’re all chasing after? Where is it we’re all trying to go… and how will we know when we get there? 

We all want to be successful… and many of us are willing to work so hard to make that happen. Unfortunately, if we’re not careful, the journey can feel a bit like being stuck on a hamster wheel… Once we get going, many of us can’t figure out how we’re going to get off the thing long enough to actually enjoy what we’ve been working for… and of course, there‘s so much we can miss while we’re busy toiling away. 

Wise leaders recognize the value of “balance” in their lives… and the lives of their Team Members. It’s not just human centric leadership, it’s the smart sustainable approach to talent growth and healthy retention. 

So, how do you define “success”? 

“How much, is enough?”



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